As the years pass, commercial lighting options keep improving. We always stay on top of those changing technologies, and we're ready to install the latest and greatest tools in your offices, stores, warehouses, and other venues.

When you switch to more energy-efficient lighting methods, you stand to lower your electricity costs considerably, and you could be eligible for government rebates. Just as appealing, modern lighting systems tend to be cheaper to maintain over time. Thus, retrofitting typically pays for itself many times over. In addition, many newer pieces of equipment take up less space.

After a retrofit, your lighting fixtures may give off less heat, yet they'll shine more brightly. Also, in many cases, existing pieces of equipment can be retrofitted. Therefore, you shouldn't need to replace all of your transformers, poles, and so on.

We handle every step of commercial electrical lighting retrofits, beginning with the planning and ending when you turn on your brilliant new lights. Equally important, our services are competitively priced, and we take every safety precaution possible.