We are a full service systems integrator, with an emphasis on client kinshipOur banner proclaims that we continuously provide unparalleled service to our customers, from our most valuable asset—our employees! Project Manager Zach Bryson attests “Everything we do involves the client and earning their confidence is very important to Keithly Electric.” With over 100 cumulative years of experience our talented project management team is ready to take on any challenge.  Thanks to these valuable people, Keithly Electric is successful and you have, just a call away, the most versatile electrical, automation contractor available.

Our electricians are licensed and our exceptional technicians and programmers understand the industry you are in. We custom design services for your project from the ground up, and provide your facility, project or idea with a robust complete functional design. Keithly Electric provides a wide variety of electrical and instrumentation (E & I) services to the Northwest and beyond. We design and build control panels and programming, while providing industry support 24/7/365—taking care of your needs since Bob Keithly founded this company in 1967.

When the pressure is on and time is money, are you asking? “How long is it going to take to get this fixed?”  Well, one of our keys to success is having experienced people with a broad range of skills, who can get a plant up and running again fast. We know it is critical for plant operators to get their operations back online as soon as possible. Our troubleshooting is both thorough and methodical.