"Good Morning Greg,
Wherever you are in the world this week, I wanted to personally thank you for all your hard work and dedication last weekend.

You saw to it that the plant was successfully upgraded. I followed up with George and Ed Wednesday and Thursday morning and they were very happy. I look forward to getting Monterey upgraded and working as a team towards another successful outcome. Good luck on your other projects until then.

Rob Kirchenbauer"

"I would like to open this letter by sincerely thanking you for your generosity in sponsoring Sky Valley Little League during our season. We truly appreciate the depth of your donation, especially in light of the current economic situation. It’s times like these, when it would be much easier not to contribute, that the true commitment of businesses and companies come through. It shows your support not just of our community, but the many young athletes you help throughout the year.

This year we gave out more scholarships than in years past. To be able to waive the fees of players who are in need lifted a huge burden from the parents of these players. I can tell you the gratitude we received was heartfelt and wonderful. SVLL was able to continue to offer many different programs and provide our players, coaches and umpires a safe and productive environment in which to play the wonderful game of baseball. There is hardly a better game to bring a community together, and one that can help to build long lasting relationships that can last a lifetime.

We had a great season of baseball and speaking on behalf of the 600 players in our league, we offer our thanks for the many memories, and the opportunity to compete amongst each other and to learn the lessons of life though an athletic program.

We hope your business continues to prosper and that next year brings you a bounty of success.

Mike Martin"

"Hi Diane,
Thank you for sending the invoice and Thank You for the great job John did on our house rewire. We are very happy with Keithly Electric and will happily be recommending you to others.
Thanks again.
Sincerely, Wren and Aaron"

"On behalf of Leah Friberg, Hilton Hammond, Louis, myself, and the rest of the people at here at Fluke, I'd like to thank you, Wade, Jerry, Kim, John, Greg, and the rest of the Keithly folks for all of your help and for sharing your knowledge and facilities with us.

We're already working on all of the audio, video, images, and other information we gathered to tell the story of Keithly Electric and Fluke tools in upcoming editions of our Fluke News magazine and Fluke Plus web site.

Thanks again for all of your help for going the extra mile with us (including suiting up in full PPE for us on a 95 degree day).

Sherman Lovell"

"First of all on behalf of all the boys on the team we would like to thank you on your generous donation.I know that when they all hear of this donation that Keithly Electric has made to their program that they will be extremely excited.

Go ahead and send over all of you companies information (Logo, web site, company profile ect.) and I will put it all up on the web site immediately. This is the time a year where we can have as many as 100 to 150 hits a week end from other teams looking at the web site. We will also be putting your logo on our banner that hangs at all of our tournaments if that is all right with you.

Thanks so much for your donation Dan, this means a lot to these kids!
Thanks Dave"

"Dear Zach,

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that your company is a highly respected vendor of Iron Mountain.

You have the best team of people arround! They are not only extremely capably they are also a pleasure to have around.

You and your people have high standards and you run your business in an ethical and proficient manner.

On the few times we have had questions you have always been right no top of things and have always treated us fairly.

It is a true pleasure to have you and your team helping us here at the Mountain.

Kari Mango"

I was just made aware of the generous gift you provided for our enjoyment and wanted to personally thank you for your kindness and consideration. We are extremely fortunate to work with outstanding people like you and your family as well as your company. Thank you for your continued support.

Very Best Regards and Happy Holidays.
First Sound Bank"

I'd like to thank you for the highly energetic and professional job that Jim McGehee did for me today. He worked very hard and got a job done (that was much bigger than anticipated) quickly and efficiently. When Jim was at the end of the project and packing up, I tried to offer him a modest gratuity. He politely declined and told me he was just doing his job. Well, he did an excellent job and I wanted you to know how much I appreciated it.

Rob Donovan"

"Dear Dan,

The gifts from our Giving Tree event over the holidays were amazing. We have been astounded by the community's generosity. Toys for babies in our Healthy Start and New Ground Transitional Living Programs, games and books for our foster children, gift cards and clothes for our boys at Griffin Home, warm coats and sleeping bags for our homeless young adults still living on the streets...we have been deeply touched by the many gifts that have been delivered to brighten this holiday season for our youth.

You have been such an important part of this outpouring of support. Thank you so much for stepping up to host and support our 2010 Holiday Giving Tree program. The donations that you collected have been delivered to a young person who was thrilled to be remembered with a gift this season. Your gift is a tangible message to that young person that there are people in the community who care, people like you.

Often we never know the difference that our actions make in the lives of others— but we can tell you with confidence that your gifts brightened the life of a child, youth or young adult this year. Thank you for your gift of caring. Please accept our gratitude and our warmest wishes for a healthy and happy New Year.

Terry Pottmeyer

"Just want to let you know how much I appreciate doing business with you. You and your company continue to do an excellent job and offer great service and value. Curt has been taking terrific care of us and the way he has responded on this Cedar Shores job is awesome. Thanks to you guys this will likely put a feather in my cap with Mr. DeAtley, and that's a really good thing! Not blowing smoke. Just saying thanks MUCH!

Brad Smith"

"Mike, the light is great, thanks! Also your installer was very kind...

I have been in business now for 42+ years and it is always refreshing to meet people you understand the term "service”.

Thanks again and please pass on my gratitude to your employee.
Byron Tate,
Tru-Line Bellevue"

"Thanks for taking care of that. It is certainly above and beyond what you need to do. It's nice to know that you guys are watching out for my safety and willing to go the extra mile to do so. You guys are much more than just an electrical contractor to us you are friends and that means something in
the economy where everyone is chasing the dollar and cutting comers. You guys care about your customers and it shows.

"Dear Dan and Marilyn,

Thank you so much for signing up to give a monthly donation to King Count Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC). KCSARC has served the community for over 35 years, providing critical services to thousands of children, families and adults. We are the largest and most comprehensive sexual assault resource center in Washington State, and provide programming in English and Spanish. We provide medical and legal advocacy, counseling and support services to thousands of children, families and adulst in our community. We work to empower women, children and men who have been sexually victimized and assist them in making the transition from victim to survivor and beyond.

With your continued support we can help end the silence surrounding sexual assault. 

Warmest Regards,
Mary Ellen Stone
Executive Director"

"Dear Mr Keithly,

Eagles Baseball Club would like to thank you for your sponsorship of $750.00. Your donation will help pay for training, baseball gear, uniforms, and tournament fees. It has already helped pave the way to our first tournament win in Lacey, and hopefully many more to come.

It is individual donations like yours that help complete our mission to help these 11 young men to succeed in learning sportsmanship, health and fitness, competitiveness, and self confidence. It is amazing to watch these kids grow every year and strive to achieve their goals, and with your help it is making these things a reality.

Thank you again for assisting the Eagles Baseball Club in making this a successful 2011 season
David Lonyo"


I just wanted to thank you for having John Juza help us out. Not just yesterday but also the previous time that I had you send him out. He has done a great job and it has been nice to have you as a good resource. Hopefully in the future we will be able to stay in touch.

Have a Great Day!
Kyle Morris
Production Manager"


I want to thank you and your team for yesterdays work on the HEAF project. Zach did a great job of prioritizing when the issues were escalating and directed the others appropriately where and when they were needed. There were many challenges with the existing circuitry that I thought Zach did a great job of explaining logically and with reason. In the end the system is running and we are in production, for that I thank the Keithly team. There are still a few items remaining that I would like to see completed within the next two weeks, which I am sure they will. The attitude and effort that Zach brought into yesterdays install is exactly what I am looking for in a parntership and I look forward to our future business together.

Well done and thank you!
M. Greninger
Kent Roasting Plant"


I noticed that someone on your end voided out the charge for coming out to trouble shoot the conveyor system. It was stupid for us to have called you when we should have realized that resetting the breaker was all that was needed but I wouldn’t expect that you would send someone out for free.
You have my total loyalty for this and all the positive interactions I’ve had with your company.


"Dear Amy,

Thank you for hosting one of our 2014 Giving Tree sites. Your support made it possible for our youth to have very special holiday gifts. Those gifts are tangible messages that there are many people in the community who care about them and want to help them thrive. Thank you!

Often we never know the difference that our actions make in the lives of others— but we can tell you with confidence that because of your support, joy has been added to the life of a child, youth or young adult who has had a difficult year. Thank you for your gift of caring.

Please accept our warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and happy New Year.

Morgan Winkler"

"Jim did a tremendous job at my home and my parents' house on Tuesday. I left as soon as he got there, but my parents loved spending the morning with him,

Thanks Dan!"

"Dear Dan,

Thank you- - for the charitable donation you made at our 17th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on August 23rd at High Cedars Golf Club. We are extremely pleased with the level of interest and support expressed through the players sponsors and prize donors in helping us raise funds for The Rescue Mission’s Feeding Program.

This event was a great success in part due to your kind and generous contribution Over $20,000 was raised help feed the homeless in Pierce County through The Rescue Mission.

Again, thank you for your participation and generosity.

Sandy Colyer"


I was talking to my daughter yesterday about her move to Vashon Island, although they have four young kids and both work they are doing a great job of getting things moved from Gig Harbor to the Island.

As we were talking she also mention that Keithly Electric is doing a great job on updating some of the panels and wiring and also making great suggestions on things they would not have thought of that will save energy and also create longer life for some appliances.

Please let Steve and his crew know that Stacie and Todd are very pleased with the service and professionalism they have received from Keithly Electric.

As I was the one whom recommended Keithly I expected nothing less because I have always gotten the highest level of service from Keithly and the crew.

Thank you for making the transition of moving into a 100 year old home much easier for my daughter.
Your friend and colleague.
Mike Bennett"


I just wanted to send a you a quick note about the good work your guys did today at the Starbucks plant.

It took 3 hours to get all the prep work done, but once we got all that finished, things really sped up and we got all of the wiring done in one day, which was great for the schedule.

We really appreciated the work your crew did today. Greg, Jeff, Wade, and Mike all did good work and clearly knew what they were doing. They also had a good sense of humor which kept things light. They were flexible and handled the additional wiring to the thermocouple without any trouble. You had said you were sending a good crew and we really appreciated it.

Well keep Keithly in mind for any future work we need done at the Starbucks plant or elsewhere. We always like to partner with good electricians and good companies, and we may even ask you to work with us on the quote phase of some larger projects. How far can you travel for projects? What states are you licensed in?

Louis Cusato
Applications Manager"

"Dear Dan,

Thank you for your donation to the Bellevue Family Y's 2013 Annual Support Campaign.

At the Y, we believe that lasting personal and social change happens when we all work together. Every day we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to be healthy, confident, connected and secure.

When you give to the Y, you are funding life-changing programs that help children, adults and families in your community to learn, grow and thrive. Just like Collin.

Since the age of two, Collin had a severe weight problem. At seven-years-old Collin decided he wanted to go on a diet because he weighed over 150 pounds. Collin participated in a Youth Fitness Training at the Y and, with the support of his family, began to change his lifestyle. He lost 30 pounds, lowered his blood pressure, and was able to play sports with his friends. His parents said, "The doctor was amazed. It made us cry to hear her explain to Collin that he had added 20 years to his life."

Thank you again for your generous commitment to the YMCA — you have made an invaluable investment in our shared future.
Paul Lwali"

I can't tell you how glad I am that we switched to your company. I believe things happen for a reason. Thanks for taking good care of us during this emergency. We appreciate it.

Mike Harford,
General Manager"

"Hi Dan,

I want to express my appreciation for you and your crew in helping us with our very bad situation over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Your support to help us get back up and running within the week was much appreciated.

I apologize for not thanking you sooner, just been a very busy these past two weeks.

I wish you and your family a very nice Christmas.

Warm Regards,
Sharon Jack
President - JA Jack & Sons"


Janelle could not have done a better job! We really appreciate the super work she  has done for us, Sharon and I express our thanks for what a super lady Janelle is and for her help...

Best Holiday wishes, Don & Sharon Gulliford"